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Freedom Light Assembly Int'l Cotonou Benin.

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On this page we'll provide detailed directions or a map to our location. Please stop by and visit if you are in the area.

True Relationship

  • Appreciating a servant of God is like opening the windows of heaven for a supply. 2 Kings 4:8-17.
  • Account opened in heaven by investing on a servant of God is a treasure for eternity. Phil. 4:10-19.
  • To open mouth and tell a man of God I love you just means I love God. 1 Thess. 5:11-13.
  • If you are a real servant of God, your activities will not be opposite to God's activities. 2 Cor. 11:12-15.
  • When you are called a servant of God your God must be seen in your service. Matt. 5:43-48.
  • Fighting against a man of God is like using an axe on a rock. Psalm 105:12-25.
  • The devil will tell you to stand against a servant of God but he will not tell you the dangers in it. Num. 12:1-13.
  • Making an evil plan against God's is like a small car hitting a train. Isa. 54:15-17.
  • No man has ever succeeded in a project against God's anointed. Psalm 3:1-6.
  • Gathering against a man of God is like deciding to walk on the sea without a boat. Jer. 1:17-19.
  • Abusing a servant of God will only provoke the other side of God for you. Num. 12:1-13.
  • Evil plans against servants of God are easy but hard to be achieved because their God is their defender. Ps. 23:4; Isa. 54:15-17.
  • When you are called to fight against a man of God simply say no for it will save you from trouble. John 19:8-12.
  • Say no to a servant of God who are you, God may show you who He is by destroying you. Isa. 54:17.
  • A man that is anointed by God has the host of heaven as defenders at all time. 2 Kings 6:13-18.
  • Knowing God is doing His will at all cost as His servant. John 15:1-5.
  • When heaven knows you as a servant of God the earth responds at your command easily. John 14:12-14.
  • When your servant hood is confirmed by heaven you became in charge of any environment you lives.
  • Heaven can never say no to a servant that is known in heaven. John 15:7.
  • The easiest way to sign your death warrant is to fight against a servant of God.
  • No prayer can close the grave of a man fighting against God's anointed. Gal. 6:7-8.